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Made to move you

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For more than 160 years, Otis has helped make modern life possible.

In an increasingly urban world, our knowledge of innovation, deep science and precision engineering is helping provide more freedom to our customers.

But it’s moving people that’s at the centre of our future thinking, that connects partners and customers to the world around them in new and exciting ways.

Our desire is to establish a more intimate understanding of every one of the 2 billion individuals we move every day.

‘Made to Move You’ articulates that desire.

The ‘Made to Move You’ poem is a specially commissioned work of art for the ‘Made to Move You’ Exhibition that took place in central London on October 26, 2016.

Developed and performed by one of the U.K.’s most exciting new poets, James Massiah, the poem is the centrepiece of a film about the lives of the people who use our elevators every day.

This is made to move you from where you are to where you could be from the present to the next phase an opportunity, what could be

A chance for you to see and a moment to reflect a pause before you leap moving up and moving out

The space to leave your doubts before step into your fate maybe this could be the first time that you see your future's face

While feeling safe within all the little motors start spin all the pulleys hard at work as you push the button in

What looms begins to bloom the new start, the new you not quite ready to grow but take comfort and be bold

Joy's on just another floor joy is just beyond the door the things that troubled you before shall be of consequence no more

You're going up, it's time to grow told mum and dad, it's time to go not looking back, but looking forwards forwards into the unknown

The interviews ahead of you the lift, it smoothly climbs so be smooth and follow suit wipe the worry, you'll be fine

Wear your bravest face and face your feelings chance has brought her here and these next 40 seconds could turn into 40 years

Don't worry for your faults there'll to time to make amends your tears will turn to joy and here's a chance to make a friend

And chance to be in love to know your future lovers name as the doors begin to open you'll be glad to know it came

This lift with all its stories all its people, all their days a box for moving houses in some flowers for a date

In this carriage for discovery you're safe and it's the place where dreams become reality today could be the day

James Massiah, 2016

Elisha Otis’ invention of the elevator safety brake made the modern skyscraper possible and forever changed the urban landscape. We’re rightfully proud of our heritage.

That pioneering spirit continues to transform our business and our industry with innovations that connect people, products and customers to one another.

The ‘Made to Move You’ event sheds new light on our archive of historical Otis items and a fresh perspective on the stories of the people we care about.

Otis Elevator Company Bearing Square Oil Can, circa 1905

One gallon, printed, packaged and filled at Otis plant

Harrison, New Jersey, United States

Otis Residential Elevator Control Button, 1902

Vanderbilt Mansion, New York City

Property of Otis Historical Archives

Otis Elevator Dial Indicator, installed 1914

L.C. Smith Building (also known as Smith Tower)

Seattle, Washington, United States

Tallest building on the West Coast, 1914-1962

Otis Ornamented Bronze Control Panel, early 20th century

Property of Otis Historical Archives

Otis Birdcage Elevator Canopy, 1987

Staunton, Virginia, United States

Detail from installation

Otis Elevator Company Circular Bronze Nameplate, 1931

Cities Service Building, New York City

First installation of a double-decked elevator

Property of Otis Historical Archives


Take a look back at the making of the film that forms the heart of the ‘Made to Move You’ campaign. See behind the scenes on shoot day and meet some of the people behind the production.

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